Knowledge Hubs

By the means of these knowledge hubs, our experts work together with experts from leading academic institutions and international organisations to increase the understanding of the impact of disasters on different areas and in a wide variety of situations, as well as enhance the preparedness of the contracting parts to DRR.

Our hubs are aimed at supporting and informing strategies, policy and decision making as well as designed as platforms for sharing lessons learned and good practices in the resilience sector.

  • Urban Resilience

  • Maritime Sector and Port Preparedness

  • Mountain Area Resilience

  • Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

Urban View


Technological evolution provided us with a high number of tools that are supposed to be used in overcoming the continuously-growing complexity of urban systems in large-scale disasters.


However, in many cities around the world, even the basics for addressing this complexity are lacking.

Lessons from previous urban disasters show that dysfunctional or under-development systems are not benefitting from the implementation of high-technology, but rather struggle even more when their capacities are not adequate for utilizing the tools provided.

We work continuously in building and strengthening the capacities of different cities and urban areas around the world, in order to ensure increased levels of preparedness and capacity to respond to disasters.