Our network of leading experts and combined extensive expertise gives us the leading edge in the fields of Crisis and Disaster Management, Climate Change Adaptation and Evacuation Preparedness.


We work based on a holistic approach, encompassing all phases of a disaster and of disaster risk reduction.


With our access to a large network of internationally renowned experts from various fields, we can ensure a coordinated effort for disaster preparedness that goes beyond the traditional pillars of aid. Our services cover not only what comes after a disaster, but has essential elements to prevent devastating outcomes and prepare for the moment disaster strikes. Our combined expertise offers our clients a unique grasp on the subject of disaster preparedness.


We made it our mission to offer high-quality holistic consultation in the field of disaster management. More precisely, we offer goal-oriented support during every phase of disaster preparedness, leading our clients to resilience and readiness.


We are the leading expert consultancy in the field of evacuation systems and disaster risk diplomacy. Together with our clients and partners we develop a strategy for disaster risk reduction and management that addresses the full spectrum of risks.

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