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We are the leading expert consultancy in the field of evacuation systems and disaster risk diplomacy.

Together with our clients and partners we develop a strategy for disaster risk reduction and management that addresses the full spectrum of risks

Our network of leading experts and combined extensive expertise give us the leading edge in the fields of Crisis and Disaster Management, Climate Change Adaptation and Evacuation Preparedness. 

We work based on a holistic approach, encompassing all phases of a disaster and disaster risk reduction. 


Emergency Preparedness and Response (EP & R)

Focus not only on preparedness for natural hazards but also technical accidents and political conflict in unstable states and fragile regions.

Together our world-leading experts have worked in over 102 countries in the field of disaster response and preparedness, resilience building and climate change adaptation. Our extensive know-how and experience is what sets us apart.

Our EP & R services include:

  • Emergency Medicine – Systems – EMT

  • (Urban) Search and Rescue 

  • Crisis Management

  • Evacuation (including Mass Evacuation)

  • Emergency Coordination

  • Humanitarian Aid

  • Protection of cultural heritage in cases of disaster

  • Country and regional assessments

  • Early Warning and Public Awareness Systems

  • Host Nation Support (HNS)


Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Building

Extreme weather, climate change or man-made disasters pose the urgent need for the public and private sector to reduce the risk of disaster impacts and strengthen the resilience of their activities. Together with our clients, we develop holistic strategies to minimize disaster impact.  

Our services focus on:

  • Systemic Capacity Building -  training, drills, simulations & table-top exercises 

  • Critical Infrastructure

  • System Diagnostic

  • Climate Diplomacy

  • Assessment and Analysis


Population Movements and Migration

The number of displaced persons is estimated to grow to 1/80 within only 15 years. We consist of a network of key experts that provide consultancy and support in the fields of evacuation, camp management and planning as well as long-term planning.


Structured and well-prepared evacuations are often the only way to save lives and assets. We are proud to be world-leading in the fields of (mass) evacuation planning and implementations.

Our services include:

  • (Mass) Evacuation Planning and Implementation

  • Camp Planning and Management

  • Long-term Planning and Simulation

  • Durable Solutions

  • Protection (including GbV)

  • Strategic & operational planning from emergency sheltering to return to permanent housing


Services for Public and Private Sectors

In a more and more interconnected world, advanced Business Continuity Management (BCM) becomes increasingly important. Our experts use their long-standing experience to accompany public and private sector entities in BCM assessments, planning and training, protecting your organisation from negative impact - whatever happens. 

We offer complex Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programming and guarantee that the program will not only benefit the public perception of your business, but will also have a positive motivational effect on your staff, boosting personal identification with your company's goals.


Climate Change Adaptation and Food Security 

Ensuring Food Security in a constantly changing world is an urgent need that it is augmented by the interconnections between climate change, scarce resources and world population growth. 

We aim at connecting the two themes and facilitating the performance of risk assessments addressing the complexity and inter-dependencies between the two. The aim is to reach long-term (economic) resilience and climate change adaptation, focusing on:

  • urban environments

  • severe weather events

  • food security

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